The list below represents classmates with missing contact (address) information.  If you have contact information for any of these classmates, please let them know about the reunion and have them enter their profile on this website and "buy tickets" to register.  One option is to simply click the "Tell a Friend" button on the "Welcome" screen and add a note.

Some names in the list are already on this website, but we are missing your address so please update your profile.   We plan to mail one postcard in May and need addresses to do so.  The information in the postcard will be the same as this website.

You can also click the Contact Us button on the left if you have classmate info we can use to reach a classmate. 

Debra (Empey) Becker
Scott Becklund
Todd Blum
David Brandt
Jeff Burmeister
Michael DeMartelaere
Denise Do
Moshtagh Farokhi
Rick Harthun
Mary E. Henderson
David Kilde
Osamu Noguchi
Holly (Newborg) Peasley
Ron Reiken Raines
Dale Sander
Jill Schroeder

Marcy Kay Tester
Theresa VonRuden Tritcher
Dung VanLe
James Wilkins